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Straight Towel Rails

Towel warmers are a fabulous high end addition to any bathroom without costing a lot of money. With one of these accessories in your bathroom, you will have a constant supply of warm towels, so that as soon as you step out of the shower you can dry yourself with warm pleasant towels. We all know how it feels like to walk out of a nice relaxing bath or shower and then to be met by cold wet towels. This spoils the enjoyment of your time in the bath because in the back of your head you know what is waiting for you. This might seem a little dramatic but it is a subconscious thing that happens in our minds. You can overcome this by investing in a reasonably priced straight chrome towel rail.

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Warming towels is not the only job that towel rails can do. Some models especially the bigger units are able to heat your bathroom. They can also be used as design pieces because they look absolutely fantastic.

The first time you start looking to buy one of these, whether it is online or the high street, you will be met by a such a huge range of selection, your head will start to hurt. Do not worry however, as we have a quick guide for you, that will make buying a straight towel rail very easy and pleasurable.

The first thing to think about is how much you want to spend. Heated towel rails come in different price ranges. Setting your budget will help you to save time and buy the best model for you quicker. You should buy what you can afford but bear in mind that you get what you pay for. You will find many cheap models but they are usually coated with a thin layer of chrome which quickly wears with a little usage. There are some mid-range models that are very good quality and last longer plus they have more features. The High end section of the market can get very expensive but they offer more features and are made of the best materials.

The next thing you want to decide is if you want your towel rail connected to your central heating or if you want to use a socket. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and you will need to figure out which one is best for you. You can also get models that are a hybrid of the two.

You also need to figure out the correct size for your bathroom. Towel rails come in many different sizes, so acquiring the appropriate size for your bathroom should not be a difficult task, no matter if you have a small bathroom or a massive bathroom.