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Bathroom Towel Care Tips

The cost of bath towels can quickly add up, particularly if you have two or more bathrooms in the house. So it makes good financial sense to take care of your towels so they last longer. Taking proper care of your towels also means you enjoy cleaner more hygienic towels for your everyday use.

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No matter the type of towels you have, whether they are the luxurious types that are made from Egyptian or Brazilian cotton or the average towel you get from the high street or online, you want to properly maintain them so they stay looking newer for longer and do a good job of drying you.

Proper towel care starts from the offset. As soon as your bathroom towels have arrived, you need to wash them. They might not be dirty looking and appear perfectly clean, but there is no telling the amount of hands that touched it from the warehouse, to the shop to you. There is no worry of bacteria or germs with new towels, what you are doing is making sure that the towel is thoroughly clean before it touches your skin. Giving your new towels a good wash before using them also removes the chemicals and oils that some towels are coated with, as these are intended to make the towels softer but all they do is make it less absorbent.

The next step in keeping your towels looking their best is the frequency of washing. How regularly you wash your towels is a personal choice but you need to take into consideration that too much washing can make the towels old and wear them out, but your towels need to stay clean to stop germs spreading. Some people find it easier to wash their towels after every use, others after couple of uses. You will decide what is best for you, and most people wash their towels at least once a week.

When it comes to the actual washing of the towels, make sure you practice proper washing techniques such as separating light colours from dark colours and not overloading the washing machine. You should also never use fabric softeners on your towels, as these reduce the absorbency of your towels.

The above are some of the things you need to do to take care of your towels and if you achieve that successful you will find that your towels are not only free from bacteria and germs but they last longer and therefore save you money.