Electric Towel Rails For Sale

An electric towel rail is an investment that will not only add a touch of style to your bathroom but it will make taking a shower or a bath one of your favourite activities. You will look forward to the feeling of stepping out of the shower and being wrapped in a warm, soft, clean towel, thanks to your electric towel rail.

Over the years the bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in the home. Traditionally used for washing and brushing our teeth and exiting as quickly as possible, it has grown to be the best place to relax and unwind after a long day. Who does not enjoy a nice soak after running around all day long? This newfound status of the bathroom has meant a great demand for stylish bathrooms that are functional.

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With this increase of status for the bathroom, manufacturers and bath specialists have come up with many products and accessories to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. One of these items that they have come up with is the electric towel rail. These marvellous bathroom items were once only available in high class hotels. Now they are an indispensable element of the typical bathroom. This is because they have many uses and are very affordable.

Heated towel rails or towel warmers or towel radiators are just that, they warm your towels just like a radiator warms your clothes when you hang your shirt on it. They of course do more than this but this is their main function. The rest is extra added benefits. To really appreciate the benefits of owning one of these accessories try picturing yourself stepping out of a nice hot bath or shower on a cold winters day and having to dry yourself with cold or wet towels. Just thinking about it makes one feel disheartened. Electric towel rails save you from this predicament as they provide you with nice warm towels so that as soon as you come out of the bathtub you can wrap yourself with comfortable heated towels.

Apart from keeping you in constant supply of heated, comfortable towels they also offer health benefits. Bacterial loves to grow in damp conditions, which is what a used wet towel provides. This is the reason why towels smell funny. If left alone for a while bacteria and mildew will grow. With a heated rail you do not have this problem, because as soon as you dry yourself all you need to do is hang it back up and it will dry quickly ready to be washed, Therefore, not affording any chance for bacteria to grow.

Another reason many people buy towel radiators is they just look fantastic and instantly add style to any bathroom. With a little strategic planning and correct placement you can give your bathroom a whole new look. There are many different types and designs such as chrome towel rails, stainless steel radiators and designer rails. It is important to think about what your bathroom needs and pick a model that complements the rest of your look.

During the winter months or if you have a big bathroom you can use the warmth from these accessories to heat your bathroom. The amount of warmth you will get will depend on the heat output of your particular model. Heat output is measured in British Thermal Unit or BTU and it will be displayed on the product when you are buying it. The higher the BTU, the higher the heat output will be. Bigger models cost more so make sure you only buy what you need. Some models will be powerful enough to heat the whole area by themselves thus eliminating the need to have a radiator in your bathroom and some can be used as extra heating.

Now that you know the reasons and benefits of installing one of these products in your home, it is time to buy. There are many places you can buy from such as online or your local bathroom shop. The most important thing to remember is do your homework and know what your exact requirements are. Know how much you want to spend, what size you want to buy and where you are going to place it. You should also think about who is going to install it. Heated rails are simple enough to do yourself especially if you have some DIY experience but it might be worth hiring someone who knows what they are doing for more complicated installations.

When shopping for a heated towel rail you have three choices and each has its pros and cons. Available to you are:

  1. Electric towel rail - These work by connecting to your electricity supply and not at all to your heating system, so they will work without you needing to turn the heating on.
  2. Conventional heated towel rail- These type of towel rails do not use electricity but instead connect to your central heating system and work just like a standard radiator.
  3. Dual fuel towel rail - These are the best of both worlds and connect to your heating and electricity supply but they require a bit more maintenance on the user’s part.

If your purpose is to just have warm towels then electric towel rails are a more practical choice as they are powered by electricity meaning you can turn them on and off at will even during the summer months when you don't use your central heating system if on the other hand you need a bit more power so that you can also heat the bathroom then look into a rail that is connected to the central heating system. If you want to have the best of both worlds and have the flexibility so that there is no need to turn on the heating during the summer months and when it is winter there is no need to use extra electricity then go for a dual fuel heated radiator.